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Inversion Gym Policies

School Year and Summer Sessions
School Year Session runs from the beginning of September through the end of June; Summer Session is July and August.

Registering for a program or weekly class means reserving a spot in that class for an entire session or remainder of session, either School Year or Summer. While there is no penalty for exiting a program early, participants are required to give 2 weeks notice to the gym by completing and submitting a Class Change / Class Exit Form, available online or at the front desk. Exiting a program without notice does not free up the reserved spot, and will result in a charge. If exiting a program mid-month, there will be no refunds for classes not attended (if you know you’re leaving mid month, it may be best to cancel for the end of the month prior, and purchase individual Drop-Ins for the partial month).

Classes and Programs
All classes are weekly, with payment due monthly. The monthly amount represents the total cost of the scheduled number of classes in the session, divided into monthly payments. There will usually be 4 classes per month, sometimes 5 classes, occasionally 3 classes.

Payment Methods

Monthly AutoPay with Credit Card or Debit Card…
This is the preferred and primary form of payment. Cards will be charged on the first of each month (unless otherwise arranged) for the full monthly tuition amount. For AutoPay customers, leaving a session prior to the official end of the session, must be done at least 2 weeks in advance by completing and submitting a Class Change / Class Exit Form, available online or at the front desk. If an AutoPay contract is not is not properly terminated in writing prior to the first of the month, it will result in an additional monthly charge.

Failed autopays/declined cards: It is your responsibility to confirm your payments are being processed monthly. Any disruption, such as a declined payment or a new card, will likely cancel the AutoPay. If your payment is declined, your card has expired or has been changed, or you need to update billing info, please contact the front desk ASAP so as not to interrupt services or accumulate a negative account balance.

Monthly Pre-Pay…
By special permission ONLY. Pre-Pay is only for those unable to utilize AutoPay method. Monthly Pre-Pay Payments are due in advance of any attended classes for any given month. For exiting a session prior to the official end, 2 weeks notice is required by completing and submitting a Class Change / Class Exit Form, available online or at the front desk. If we do not receive a Class Change / Class Exit Form, you will be billed for the space still being reserved, as we cannot fill your space until notified.

Prorated Classes
When prorating a month for new sign-ups, cost for each class for the prorated month will be the monthly cost, divided by 4, for no more than 4 classes.

Make-Up Classes
No Make-Up Classes are available at this time.
As a courtesy, classes missed due to illness, injury or vacations, may be subject to a Make-Up class. A Make-Up could be utilized prior to or after the missed class, in the form of attending a similar class in addition to the scheduled weekly class. Make-Ups are subject availability. Two Make-Ups per month will be allowed, if available. A student MUST be a current paid Member to utilize the Make-Up option—Make-Ups will not be honored after a student exits a session.

Anyone currently enrolled in good standing in any class or Inversion Gym program is considered a Member. Members will be offered special rates on various services at the gym, including Open Gym.

Appropriate Behavior
Inversion Gym is all about fun while building strong bodies, friendships and positive character. All enrolled students and program attendees will be expected to behave with appropriate respect for gym staff and fellow students. Gym equipment is to be used only with permission from gym staff, and only for its designed purpose. Students not following basic rules of appropriate behavior may be asked to sit out for a period of time, or in some cases, to leave a class permanently.

Vacations Days/Weeks
Classes are offered during all school vacations, with the exception of Independence Day, Halloween Day, Thanksgiving Day, and one week over Christmas break. See the homepage for the exact dates for any given year. Vacations dates and policies are subject to change without notice. 

There are no refunds for partial month tuition. When a refund is warranted, refunded payments will be in the form of account credit for future use. Any exceptions to this policy will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Overdue Payments/Returned Checks
Late fee of $10 will be applied on payments 30 days overdue. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee.

Policies may be subject to change without notice.